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May 4th, 2000
Finally getting the stage we deserve... to bad it was the very last punk rock show.

Playing the very last punk show at downtown Victoria staple, The Limit, RIOTSTARTERS finally had a decent P.A. and a sound guy. We Smoked! Period. We weren't drunk and played tighter than a newborn baby. Religion I is a spoken word piece off of PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED's first lp. I threw it in because Jimi D. broke a string and there was a lull in the set. Up next, BONER DOGS. Terrible, Terrible Metal... but in the same way that "stupid" is supposed to mean "Good". Headlining the night was TED BUNDY PROJECT. Kick-ass punk metal with a drummer as great as Da Cross (Tho' not as smart. Trust me. I'm not getting into it...).

Set List
I Wanna Be A DJ For The WU-Tang Clan
Olympia, WA
Living Off Capitalism
Religion I
Buzzard / I Walk Alone
Knowledge / Speed