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January 31st, 1998
The knobs in THE SOPHISTOS made this one. This is the poster Mr. Silver Circle made.
RIOTSTARTERS dedicated this show to the memory of Sid Vicious... R.I.P.

Starting the night off were THE SOPHISTOS. Playing a set of blues explosion inspired originals, they rocked the early crowd in white coveralls. Nice 'twisted' cover of "Mony, Mony" guys. FORMALDEHYDE played next. Opening with new song "Soundcheck", which they invited me up to sing, they played a great set of originals including "Fade out" and "Eric's Revenge". Up next were the all grrrl metal band MUDSLINGER who belted out a mixed bag of covers and originals. The solid set included the BUTTHOLE SURFERS' "Goofy's Concern" and notable original "Sluts". Finishing off the lazy crowd this evening were RIOTSTARTERS and we blew the roof off the dump. We played well and had fun. What more could one ask for? I learned the words to RANCID's "Olympia, WA" for this show because The Brat didn't want to sing it and we finally added "I Walk Alone" to the set after "Buzzard". The band started a pit on stage for our final song and Super Fry ended up kicking over his amp. What a mess... Thanks to ICYW and my 3 dancers Moe, Kelly, & Jen.
Set List
At the Library
Living Off Capitalism
Olympia, WA
I Wanna Be A DJ For The WU-TANG Clan
Blitzkrieg Bop
Son Of A Gun
I Inhale
Buzzard/I Walk Alone

Not starting a riot is one thing but 'fun and goofy?!?'
From Offbeat #127, March 1998.