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January 23rd, 1999
Merville, BC
With the original line-up...

BRANDED started out the evening's music selection with a great selection of
originals and some covers ranging from NOFX to RANCID. Get energy, I even jumped in the
pit! It was also worth noting that the drummer, John, sang. Thanks to Hash for the
er... ah... um... marijauna. 2nd up was FOUR-FIT. Even tho they were missing
a bass player they proceeded to play as a gtr/drum combo and even included a LID
cover!! THE EVIL DEAD were the 3rd band and they played a mostly original set
that included a couple covers. RIOTSTARTERS came, saw, and conquered. Period.
You know why? Dwayne "Motherfuckin" Grohl should answer that. Thanks to Tannis for
setting the show up and the Merville crowd for being our most responsive yet.

Set List
I Wanna Be A DJ For The WU-TANG Clan
Son Of A Gun
At The Library
Olympia, WA
Blitzkrieg Bop
Living Off Capitalism
Where Eagles Dare
Buzzard / I Walk Alone
I Inhale
Knowledge / Speed