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January 11th, 1997
St. Catherines, ON

...but I still haven't put up the set list...

This was a free show at St. Catherines "The Vault" during my 1996-97 "gone home for X-mas & New year's" vacation. HLF got together for a show out of goodtimes while I was there. Phillie's band Superfluous was surprisingly slow and featured a rather long drum solo. SPLIT SECOND played ska, THE KLOPEKS kicked ass and then there was AIMLESS NONSENSE.

Ld.Gtr+Vox: Mr. Asshole
Texture+Vox: Xero Fetus
Bass+Vox: Ruben James
Trap Set: Laszlo

Set List
Fucking Sonic
The Ball
Red Tape
Son Of A Gun
Buzzard / I Walk Alone
Where Eagles Dare
Just Like Heaven
Theme For An Anthem
Bob > Kill All The White Man
Jeb's Upstairs
A Good Home For Really Nice Rats