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On Sundays, The Cambie in Esqimalt, BC hosts an Open Mike Nite! The battle ensues...
Danke Al & Roger from Whiskey Jug and Mike the sound guy.

May 5th, 2002
Playing a nice stale set of good ol' surefire crowd pleasers, Xero Fetus plays his 1st live show since the last one. Joining him on banjo, vocal coach Chris Lawrence helped provide a stereopathetic transition into his own solo folk comeback.
Set List
Soul Desert
Today Has Been A Fucked Up Day / Satan Gave Me A Taco

May 12th, 2002
Quietstarter Re-Visited...
Set List
Of Course
Time Before Time
Buzzard / I walk Alone

June 30th, 2002
Showing up to play rawk and being let down 'cause RAINSHADOW failed to bring a drumkit, the members of TEMPORARY NAME all played solo acoustic sets that dazzled the drunken Cliffs'n'Norms that frequent this joint...
Set List
2nd Hand Cotton (Moved By Spirit)
After The Goldrush
Satan Gave Me A Taco

July 21st, 2002
(3-piece electric set)
Set List
Beastial Fury
Rain Dance